The Manhattan Project…a new way to serve an old drink

I came across this video on YouTube and just had to share!! The video [below] is from Cocktail Chemistry Lab on YouTube, a fun new site.

A Manhattan is one of my favorite classic drinks, though I prefer a nice bourbon over Rye Whiskey in mine [have I ever mentioned I’m a bourbon girl?]. This method looks like a fun way to serve it. I plan to try it soon, but if you happen to give it a go before I do, I’d love to hear how (if) it works for you. And any tips you might have would also be welcomed…I will do the same when I make my own attempt!!

Please share with your friends, thank you!

4 thoughts on “The Manhattan Project…a new way to serve an old drink

  1. I never do anything much for drinks. I kinda wish I was young enough that “how to make a …” would still be exciting, you know? But I would come to your party to try it if you were making it. For myself, I mostly grab a bottle of Sangria.

    1. I love a good challenge, be it drinks or food. I doubt I would make this often, but it will certainly be fun to try at least once. Oh, and I make a mean Sangria…I’ll have to post a recipe for that one day!!

    1. I actually have everything but the soldering iron. My son gave me the forms to make round ice cubes a few years ago. I am going to try it soon!! 🙂

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