MORE Raspberries from Heaven!!

Raspberry bush sprouting up from discarded berries
Raspberry bush sprouting up from discarded berries

Last week I was moving around the pots of herbs in my backyard, pulling weeds from them and watering them, getting them ready for the heat of another Texas summer. We are having some work done – the main reason I am moving those very pots out of the way – and the man who was prepping my yard came over.

I was contemplating pulling this one particular growth (see photo above)…a plant which had sprouted up out of my basil pot. He looked at it and said, “Looks like you have a raspberry bush growing in there.”

At that bit of news, my heart leapt with joy!! Seriously, I am sure it was dancing inside my chest!

If you have followed my older posts you will know the significance raspberries have to me. Many of my fondest memories are of picking raspberries with my grandmother in her back yard. If a person could have a ‘spirit fruit’ – you know, like a spirit animal – mine would be the raspberry.


Needless to say, the bush remains. I have been watering it diligently, hoping it will survive so it can be replanted in the new beds to come. Until then, I will be dreaming of freshly picked raspberries…and reliving those childhood moments I spent with my grandmother gathering that sweet, red fruit I love so much.

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5 thoughts on “MORE Raspberries from Heaven!!

  1. Cindy, how magnificent that a raspberry plant decided to grow right where you couldn’t ignore it! And God sent someone to point out just what it was. I hope someday I will hear about the importance of raspberries to you. If you need an excuse, they contain antioxidants and powerful enzymes. I hope your plant burgeons beyond belief, and you end up with so much fruit that you have to give it away.

    1. Thank you! I certainly believe the right person was there at the right time!! My grandparents had raspberry bushes at the back of their property, and I used to pick raspberries with my grandmother in the summer when they were ripe. I cannot ever eat a raspberry (or see one) without thinking of her. It’s been my favorite fruit since childhood. 🙂

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