The Irish Heather/Salty Tongue Cafe

I have been in Vancouver for several days with my family and the food has been incredible! Today we found a real gem: The Irish Heather. This is a gastro pub here in Vancouver’s Gastown area, and the food is said to be truly authentic. I stumbled upon it quite by accident while searching for restaurants online. The reviews were so wonderful and it was so close (about a 10 minute walk from our hotel) that it was as if “Karma” herself was insisting we go.

We were not able to get into the pub side due to one underage son…but they have an attached restaurant (The Salty Tongue Cafe) serving the same food and drink, and it was here that we had quite the feast. In the cafe there is a 40 foot communal table which seats 48 people…and this table becomes the dining section of the gastropub at 5pm. We began with a few appetizers: a cheese plate, which included a cranberry chutney, gherkins, honey and toasted bread along with several Irish cheese selections; a sausage plate served with whole-grain mustard; and potato wedges served with a coconut chutney dip. For entrees we ordered several to try: one fish and chips, a ‘heather pot pie’ – which was a steak and guiness pot pie served on mashed potatoes with gravy, and one order of their macaroni and cheese with beef short ribs and a grainy mustard (my choice…excellent!!). We were happy with all of our selections…and ate til our stomaches were ready to burst with joy!

So if you find yourself in Vancouver one day, and I sure hope you do, please check out The Irish Heather and/or The Salty Tongue Cafe.