Italicus: An Italian Aperitivo You Need for Summer Drinks!

I’ve recently been experimenting with a new Italian aperitivo: Italicus. It’s light and herbal and citrusy…a perfect summer spirit presented in a classic bottle. It is elegant and gives my bar a classy feel as it takes a coveted spot atop my counter. The taste is even nicer.

Tonight I made my first mixed drink with it: Gin and Italicus Sour. Folks, this is seriously amazing. Equal parts (1 ounce each) Italicus, Gin (a dry gin), and lemon juice – fresh squeezed of course. Mix all of that together with simple syrup (1/2 ounce) and an egg white…shake with ice to chill and pour into a cocktail glass. Here is the link to the Food and Wine article with the recipe. There are a few recipes here worth checking out.

Warning: this drink goes down easy. Way easy. I kinda like that in a drink.

Lovin’ Your Grill-Friend…How to Keep the Fire Burning!

At the beginning of the process...
At the beginning of the process…

Grilling means good times, good friends, and hopefully, great food.” ~Bobby Flay

 Grilling is one of the best parts of summer cooking. When it’s hot outside I try to keep the inside of the house cool…so I do much of my cooking out on the grill. I have both a gas grill and a Big Green Egg. I won’t talk about the Egg today – oh, so many tasty meals have come out of it, but I’ll have to post on that separately! No, today Continue reading

Cooling Off During These Hot Summer Days

Today is National Hot Fudge Sundae Day…me and ice cream, we go way back. Breyer’s ice cream – the original – was a special treat when I visited my grandparents. When I was little she still had a milk man who delivered milk and ice cream to the metal box that sat outside her door. It wasn’t only a summer treat; we had it year-round. She had special dishes for it, small etched glassware that I only ever saw her use for ice cream. She may have used them for other foods when I wasn’t looking, but to me they will Continue reading

MORE Raspberries from Heaven!!

Raspberry bush sprouting up from discarded berries
Raspberry bush sprouting up from discarded berries

Last week I was moving around the pots of herbs in my backyard, pulling weeds from them and watering them, getting them ready for the heat of another Texas summer. We are having some work done – the main reason I am moving those very pots out of the way – and the man who was prepping my yard came over.

I was contemplating pulling this one particular growth (see photo above)…a plant which had sprouted up out of my basil pot. Continue reading