Dallas: Prayers for My City


I was traveling all day yesterday and did not learn of the news in Dallas until this morning. Upon waking, it was the first thing that greeted me as I reached for my morning coffee.

There are 5 police officers who were not able to reach for their morning coffee today. Who will not ever reach for their’s again.

I am sad for my city. I am sad that what was supposed to be a peaceful protest turned so violent. I cannot fathom what the families of the fallen are going through at this time. Or what makes someone’s heart so dark they feel the need to turn to such drastic measures.

I have been trying to find words all day to express the emotions going through me. I have sent silent prayers to the families and friends and loved ones of the fallen. I have sent prayers to the people of my city. And I have sent prayers of healing for a world that sees far too much violence.

If you are reading this I ask you to please take a moment of silence to honor the fallen. To say a prayer of peace for this world we live in.

I am still processing…but I still believe mankind is good at heart. I will continue to live in Love rather than Fear. I believe that is the way to Peace…

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6 thoughts on “Dallas: Prayers for My City

  1. I have been praying since I first saw this on the news. God is the only one who can change hearts that hate. His Son Jesus also suffered this kind of hate, even going willingly to his death to save us all. It is his redemptive love that can deal with hate.

  2. Just sad. Really sad. Nonviolent conflict resolution training is so badly needed everywhere. People need to channel their anger into something constructive. Too many people have died for no reason. It’s really just a nightmare.

  3. I too was heartbroken when I saw this on the news, thinking what type of person could take another’s life, let alone 5. I think of the families of those that are now with God and pray that the will some how find peace in the days, months, and years to come. I also pray that all the violence will come to an end and we as a country can all live in unity. My thoughts and prayers to all the victims and their families. “We are a gift from up above, God sent us down with all his love. All the memories of the past, forever in our hearts will last”

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