Update: “Around the Kitchen Table” Photos!!

Pork Shoulder Roast slowly braised with carrots, rutabaga and onions; Creamy Polenta topped with sautéed mushrooms, shallots and goat cheese; Green Salad with a Lemon-Thyme Dressing; Cloverleaf Potato Rolls

Just a quick update to Sunday’s post…

On Sunday I mentioned my menu for our virtual Sunday meal together to celebrate the launch of “Around the Kitchen Table.” Today I leave you with a few [mouthwatering] photos to entice you to join us next time…

Creamy Polenta (above): Polenta, cooked in milk and whisked constantly. 2 T of butter and some goat cheese were added in at the finish. Once poured onto the platter it was topped with the sautéed mushrooms and more goat cheese. Whisking is the key here!! It took about 25-30 minutes to cook once the milk came to a boil.
Slow Braised Pork Shoulder with Rutabaga, Carrots and Onions: Flavored with whole grain mustard, thyme, capers, garlic…and simmered in a white wine reduction at 325 for about 2 hours.
Cloverleaf Potato Rolls: I had these in the freezer – leftovers from Thanksgiving. Just as good now as they were then! 🙂
Almost forgot the Gattinara! A nice Italian red wine which paired beautifully with the meal…a sentimental favorite since we have visited the vineyard in Italy!! Salute!

Stay tuned for a new menu and topic of discussion this coming Sunday…

Buon Appetito!!

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