Avocado or Avocadon’t? That is the Question!

If you have nothing but love for your avocados, and you take joy in turning them into guacamole, all you need is someone to share it with. ~ Jason Mraz

I love avocados. They stay close at hand in my kitchen; they have many uses. Slices garnish my eggs at breakfast (I’m more of a savory-food-for-breakfast gal than sweet); they are often found in my fresh summer salads. Nothing beats homemade guacamole, which I often prepare in my molcajete. Sometimes I just sprinkle on a smidge of salt and scoop it straight out of the skin. Then there is the ‘BLTA’ sandwich: Continue reading

Tapas, Sangria and Paella in St. Thomas: Amalia Café…Best Spanish Fare on Island!


Amalia Cafe on St. Thomas is a special place for me. It’s a Spanish restaurant and one of my favorites on St. Thomas. I first visited there in the spring of 2014 after meeting the owner, Randolf Maynard (he goes by Maynard), at the Taste of St. Croix where we were both judges. That night was one of my highlights of living in the islands. Pure magic!

A couple of weeks after Continue reading

Cooling Off During These Hot Summer Days

Today is National Hot Fudge Sundae Day…me and ice cream, we go way back. Breyer’s ice cream – the original – was a special treat when I visited my grandparents. When I was little she still had a milk man who delivered milk and ice cream to the metal box that sat outside her door. It wasn’t only a summer treat; we had it year-round. She had special dishes for it, small etched glassware that I only ever saw her use for ice cream. She may have used them for other foods when I wasn’t looking, but to me they will Continue reading

The [Sea] Salt of Life – specialty salts

“a wise woman puts a grain of sugar in everything she says to a man, and takes a grain of salt with everything he says to her.” ~Helen Rowland

The various salts I keep on my counter for perking up my favorite foods
The various salts I keep on my counter for perking up my favorite foods

Many out there extol the benefits of salt, particularly sea salt. Himalayan Sea Salt has been all the rage in recent years. In addition to that, there are myriad other salts out there, flavored and unflavored, and in all sorts of colors.

I’m going to be honest Continue reading