Keep Your Garlic on Hand…But Not ON Your Hands


I am keeping today’s post short and sweet. Or rather garlicky (but still short). I use a lot of garlic. I love it. I love the smell in my kitchen after I have been cooking with it, and the aroma left behind at the end of a meal. It is beautiful. And as an added benefit, I have yet to see one vampire anywhere near my house. 😉

But as much as I love the aroma wafting through my kitchen, I don’t always enjoy the scent it leaves behind on my hands. So today I offer up a tip on how to get rid of the scent that remains after you have been mincing and dicing and chopping garlic. Because soap just doesn’t cut it.

“A nickel gets you on the subway, but garlic gets you a seat” ~ old New York saying

The best way to dispel the ‘eau de garlic’ is to rub your hands on stainless steel under running water. I have a stainless steel sink in my kitchen, so I use that. I have been places that did not, so in a pinch I will use a stainless steel fork or spoon (or whatever else is handy that is stainless steel). I don’t necessarily recommend a knife for obvious reasons.  There are stainless steel bars – shaped like a bar of soap – which you can buy, but why spend the money if you have access to something in your kitchen already which will handle the job? By the way, this works on onions and other members of the allium family, too.

From my kitchen to yours, there is my tip of the day!

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2 thoughts on “Keep Your Garlic on Hand…But Not ON Your Hands

  1. Great tip and funny quote! I love garlic, too. I’ve tried several ways to remove the garlic smell from my hands, but none were successful. I need to try your stainless steel suggestion.

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