[Sunday] Nights at the Round [Kitchen] Table: Food, Family and Friends


Just curious: If you have one, how many of you use your formal dining room on a regular basis? I mean for actually dining, not doing crafts or holding the overflow from filing or various other household projects!! [Yes, I’m talking to YOU!!]

My own dining room sat around mainly unused for ages save the sporadic one or two special-occasion times a year, like Thanksgiving or Christmas. I did not take the time to do much with that room since we rarely used it.

And then one year I found the perfect dining room table…and everything changed. Funny how one thing can make such a huge difference.

While I would not say it gets used on a weekly basis, we do enjoy dinners and even lunches there much more frequently these days. It feels so very ‘adult’ to eat in the dining room. Civilized even. I find I sit a bit straighter. The food certainly tastes better.

Now that our time in St. Thomas has come to an end I am looking forward to being home for more Sunday dinners. I’d like to adopt a tradition of sharing those meals with friends and family. Sharing food and time with others is one of my favorite ways to pass the time. I am a firm believer that breaking bread = breaking down walls.

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relatives.” – Oscar Wilde

In the coming weeks I plan to add a new segment to Cleansed Palate called “Around the Kitchen Table”.  On Sundays a menu will be posted – you can follow mine or make your own – and a topic will be chosen to discuss. It may be some hot topic from the headlines, or perhaps it will involve travel or pondering life’s great mysteries. It will not necessarily be food-related, other than the menu posted. You are all invited to join me around my online ‘kitchen table’. I welcome hearty discussion and a healthy exchange of ideas.

There will be a few rules…

I welcome all opinions in the spirit of expressing oneself and opening minds. Discussion and/or heated debate are fine. But there will be no tolerance for rudeness or insults. If I feel a comment is degrading, bullying, or just downright mean it is my right not to publish it. I want to open minds; to have an exchange of ideas and opinions.  I’m not looking to engage in war.

Given those parameters, I look forward to dining [online] with you in the near future! I am planning on beginning in August…Stay tuned for more details!!



Please share with your friends, thank you!

4 thoughts on “[Sunday] Nights at the Round [Kitchen] Table: Food, Family and Friends

  1. Great idea for a virtual diningroom experience! We don’t have one here, with just the two of us, but when I was growing up, the large trestle diningroom table and benches and chairs were definitely used for large family meals and gatherings. Sundays, holidays, and special events (like birthdays), especially, were causes for celebration around the big family diningroom table!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy having Sunday dinners together with my family – they would come over after church and we would pretty much squeeze around the table. Then, I bought a smaller round table for my tastes and it changed the whole dynamic. There are some at the table (usually the younger children), some at the bar and others sitting in the living room holding plates on their laps. I miss that table and the closeness it bought. I agree with you that one thing can shift everything.

  3. Do tray tables count as a dining room table? LOL When the children were young, we always sat at the table to eat dinner, but since they have all flown the nest and hubby’s and my work schedule is so busy, we hardly ever see the table any more. After we get home, I “relax” at the computer with my earning sites and blogs and we have a nice quite dinner on our tray tables in the family room.

    1. LOL!! Sure…I’d count anything that has you eating together as a dining room table!! 🙂

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