The Food Blogger’s Dilemma

So what is my food focus? What is it that I really want this website to convey? I am all about authenticity. I don’t want substitutions for the real thing…I want the real deal. Yes, I believe in good nutrition…but I also believe that it’s okay to have a little fun with your food, too. I have always described myself as ‘traditional with a twist’…a bit ecclectic. Well, the same holds true with food for me. I love to put a spin on my recipes and do so using real food, not artificial food colorings, HFCS, trans fats, etc. I don’t want genetically modified this or that, or meat that has been unnaturally raised to yield more muscle/fat/etc…those things ultimately detract from the true flavors of the food at hand. I don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but it’s okay to add some extra traction or fancy hubcaps to dress it up a bit. But at what point does a dressed up meal become a modified meal? Where does that line fall? When does the line get crossed into not being authentic anymore?

Thoughts, anyone??

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