Resolutions…Welcome 2017!


2017 Has Arrived! Resolutions, Anyone?

I usually don’t make resolutions each year. I have found from previous attempts that when I set a resolution I end up starting off strong; however, as the days (hours?) pass enthusiasm fades. Momentum is lost. Guilt usually sets in shortly after, and eventually I give up entirely. Based on conversations I’ve had with others, I’m guessing it works that way for many of you out there as well. Should you be one of those who is able to set, implement and follow through with your resolutions I shout out a huge “Kudos!” to you…and I do mean it sincerely! I’m amazed when others have the self discipline to do so. That is not one of my fortes. It took me decades to finally accept that this is not how I operate. I now utilize other strategies.


Several years ago I met someone who sets intentions on New Year’s Eve for the upcoming year. So instead of a resolution she chooses more of a theme for the year to come. Brilliant! I readily [and unapologetically] adopted her idea. I love having something that helps me through my journey of this thing called Life.

Last year I chose ‘Trust’ as my theme. Trust is something I have struggled with for most of my life. So in 2016 I worked on trusting both others as well as myself. I sought to let go of things I had no control over, in the process trusting that it will all be okay. I focused on my Circle of Influence, trusting that I really can make a difference, that my voice matters and should be heard. A year is not a long time to undo a lifetime of mistrust, but I made great strides last year.

Giving Back

For 2017 I am centered around giving back. While I do give back on a regular basis – and have over the years – there is so much more I can do. Yes, I will do so financially. But I also plan to be more involved on a personal level. I intend to volunteer at some local places that could use the extra help. I will also use this blog when possible to give back. It’s not something I earn any money off of [at least not at the moment], but if I can figure out some ways to use Cleansed Palate to give back to my community then I will do so. I welcome any suggestions any of my readers might have.

How About YOU?

Do you set resolutions? Perhaps you have other customs for the beginning of the new year. I’d love to hear what you do to get the new year off to a fresh start. Feel free to share any New Year’s traditions, resolutions and/or intentions in the comments below…

Please share with your friends, thank you!

7 thoughts on “Resolutions…Welcome 2017!

  1. sorry, this is what having too many tabs open does to one.. you are cleansedpalate πŸ™‚ and my last sentence in my earlier comment now sounds a little foolish.. (just what i keep telling my son, be aware of where you are always!) but love the quote β€˜Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good enough’.

  2. Resolutions have not been something I have managed to keep (though I made/make them regularly). I changed them to goals last year but sadly, the goals remained unachieved. Reusing last year’s goal list this year along with a key theme of ‘Consistency’, I hope I can reach the goals this year πŸ™‚
    Love the idea of intentions and yes, giving back is something we plan to focus on as a family this year as well. Being part of both the Boy Scout and Girl Scout communities actively and volunteering at school when I can is just the beginning. Love Shalini’s suggestions above and love the quote that cleansedpalate mentions here

    1. Happy New Year! I suppose it doesn’t really matter what you call them – resolutions, intentions, goals…If it works I say go for it! And ‘Consistency’ is also a great one!!

  3. Hi Cindy – Wish you a very happy new year!
    I guess your choosing a theme is the same as me choosing a word for the year – this year I have set that as Gratitude and seems to be on the same lines as you.
    I have a hard time with resolutions too and have figured that if I dont beat myself over breaking a few, I stick to most. So I do make them, but I tell myself its k if I dont achieve them all – kept 4/5 of last years. This year they are there too – shall meander through them as and when the mood strikes.
    Your idea of giving back via your blog is awesome- maybe you could promote some new bloggers/ ones you like / offer guestblogging posts ? Or if some area of blog making is your expertise – you could do that as a giveaway by doing a prompt giveaway… just some of my thoughts… Happy Blogging

    1. Happy New Year to you as well! And thank you for the suggestions! I like your approach to resolutions…perhaps I might have stuck with my past ones had I not been too harsh on myself when I didn’t follow through. But the ‘intention’ of the year has been perfect for me. I like your word choice for the year!! πŸ™‚

  4. We helped out as a family at a shelter for the homeless just before Christmas and felt really useful doing it, Could that work for you?
    As for resolutions, I’m with you. This year I decided on a motto. “Done is better than perfect.” I’m hoping it’ll help me to get some of those things done which have been put to one side as they’re never quite perfect enough!

    1. There is a place near me that takes in kids from abused situations. One of the ways to volunteer there is to prepare meals. As someone who is passionate about food, I am excited to be able to help in this way. I need to go through a training and background screening before I will be able to volunteer, so I will do that as soon as they offer the next session.

      As to the resolutions, my husband always says, ‘Don’t let the perfect get in the way of the good enough’. It’s a quote he picked up somewhere during his career, but I love it!! πŸ™‚

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