Goodbye, London…

This (self-proclaimed) London-girl is back in TX, lamenting the fact that she had to leave after such a seemingly short visit…

Truly I feel as if London is the place I belong. My eyes teared as the plane alit from Heathrow’s runway to return us to Dallas, and I sadly watched the English countryside grow smaller as we traveled further and further away. The culture and buildings and people are so quaint…London is surely more beautiful at Christmas than even New York City. The city itself is cleaner and the people seem friendlier. I would move there in a heartbeat!

Our driver to and from Heathrow is a renouned Indian chef who has an extensive list of people for whom he has cooked, including, but not limited to, Princess Diana and other British royalty, much of the Hollywood crowd (ie Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, etal), and many mid-eastern royalty. He has even cooked for President Obama…I am not exactly sure why we were fortunate enough to have him drive us, but I certainly enjoyed my time with him. He has many stories to tell, and he did so during the entire drive to and from the airport. He has lived all over the world, and travels extensively.

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