Food = Peace??

There is something so special about food. We all must eat, breath and sleep (oh ok…and pay taxes and die). Breathing is involuntary, and sleeping – well, that’s a whole other can of worms for me! But eating, even though we all must do it, is done in so many ways. We have a choice in how and what to eat…well, in many cases we do. I believe that when you understand what and how a person eats you have a much better sense of who the person is. One of the first things one is faced with when traveling to another country is eating: where to eat, what to eat, when to eat (we discovered it’s very important to know when to eat in Europe).

There are so many aspects to food. It can be sensual and romantic, fast and processed, wholesome and comforting – or any combination of these. A shared table is often the place of many heated discussions, proposals, intimate conversation and family updates. A table for one can be lonely, or it can mean finally having a relaxing moment to oneself. It really all depends on the day and the person. I love a family meal when the television is turned off and everyone is seated around the table enjoying not only the food but also one another’s company. This is unfortunately a rare occurrence for us these days. During the week my ‘family’ often consists of only my younger son and me…on weekends my husband is present, and during the summer my eldest returns home to join our feasts.

What I wish is that you all take the time to learn how others eat. Perhaps this will lead to a deeper understanding and acceptance of one another’s cultures and differences, which could even lead to world peace! (I can dream, right?) I raise my glass to good food, and more importantly, great family time. Bon Appetit…and Peace Out!

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