A New Venture

For the past couple of years I have been trying to ‘find myself’ and figure out what path I’d like to wander around on during the next phase of my life. I’ve considered many options, from accounting (my college degree – hated it) to working in a restaurant (too physical for me at this point). Some of the in-between options I’ve considered range from copy-writing to opening a new-age exercise studio to creating a website. I have even thought about a business grocery shopping for others…there is a real need here, and who is pickier than I am when it comes to food??? I did sign up for a local photography class which begins in about a week. Perhaps Foodography is in my future? All I know is that I need a much better answer to the question “And what do you do?” It is a bit awkward telling others I am a stay-at-home mom when my boys are 19 (and not even home) and 16. Basically, I have now become a ‘stay-at-home-wife’. This is not so glamorous as one might imagine. One, I am not popping bon-bons one after the other all day long with my soaps running in the background. And two, I do still have a 16 year old at home…’nough said!!

Yes, I know how fortunate I am to be able to stay home, especially in these times of a possible double dip recession. But the grass is always greener…so I’ve heard it said. And what does any of this have to do with a food blog? Well, I suppose it has to do with the hunger of wanting more out of life, of wanting to make one’s life the best it can possibly be. Sure I have a terrific life. I am most thankful for that. Truly! But that doesn’t mean I can’t want to enrich it further. I want to know that I have made a difference in this world, that I have helped in some small (or large) manner to make the universe a better place.

So my question remains: How??? I welcome your answers…..

And until next time….Namaste!

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