Tapas, Sangria and Paella in St. Thomas: Amalia Café…Best Spanish Fare on Island!


Amalia Cafe on St. Thomas is a special place for me. It’s a Spanish restaurant and one of my favorites on St. Thomas. I first visited there in the spring of 2014 after meeting the owner, Randolf Maynard (he goes by Maynard), at the Taste of St. Croix where we were both judges. That night was one of my highlights of living in the islands. Pure magic!

A couple of weeks after Continue reading

Travel and Airports and Food…Challenges!

Today I finished up my last [scheduled] trip for a while. For the past three years it has felt as if I’ve been traveling non-stop. At one point I even made Executive Platinum on American Airlines. It was nice to have the perks that went with that, but all of that travel was taxing. I was stressed and felt constantly rushed and like I wasn’t fully committing myself to anything. Thankfully, that time seems to be ending. I look forward to spending time in my own home for a bit. I can get back to the movement I love that I have not made time for (Nia), and most of all, I will be back in my own kitchen to unleash my creative foodie side once again. Continue reading

From Island Time to Real Life…a Bittersweet Homecoming

Our last morning in St. Thomas for a long time. This view is overlooking Magens Bay from our rental unit.
Our last morning in St. Thomas. This view is overlooking Magens Bay from our rental unit.

We are back home after a week of saying our goodbyes and packing up the rental unit we have lived in for the past three years in St. Thomas. It has been an emotional time…While we are so very happy to be back in our ‘real’ home full time – and back to the reality that comes with it – it is also a bittersweet homecoming. Knowing we will not be seeing the people who have been such a huge part of our lives these past few years…people who have welcomed us into their own lives and made us feel like family, is sad. The reality is Continue reading