9.11.01 – A Soul Cleansing Tribute to the day we will never forget…

Remembering this day 13 years ago…Seems as if it was so much more recent than that. So much changed for our country. Some for the good, some not so good. People came together in ways they had not for decades. And then the fear set in, and we became more estranged than ever.

So when people post on FB ‘Never Forget’…well, how can I? How can we? I feel it was an awakening for all of us. We have, both as a country and as individuals, reacted in many different ways. Some have become overprotective, like helicopter parents hovering, fearful that everything they have worked so hard for will be taken away. Some have retreated in their fear, ‘protecting’ themselves from the unknown. Some have chosen Love.

I chose Love, and I continue to choose Love. I choose not to retreat, but rather to engage. I choose opening myself to all cultures, all beliefs. It is in the listening that we develop understanding and acceptance. Your beliefs may not be mine, but closing myself off to them is like cutting off my own hand. For if we as a country – as a Universe – continue to judge and profess which way is the ONE way it should all be done, that leaves out an entire population of souls who don’t share in that particular ONE way.

How sad.

Denying another’s view is like denying their very existence. Not only does it not offer any sort of validation, it labels them wrong as humans. Who wants to be a mistake? Is it so difficult to see why entire groups who have been ostracized for their beliefs would develop such hatred?

Peace can only be found through Love. Through listening and understanding. Through non-judgement. It IS attainable. And it begins within each of us. We begin by loving ourselves. We cease to judge ourselves and begin to accept who we are – all of it. This then translates to loving others, again, choosing acceptance over judgement. And so on…and so on…

I choose Love. This is how I honor this day and all days. Namaste…

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