Thursday, June 23, 2011: Verona

Verona is a beautiful town. It is one of the most visited cities in Italy and most known as the setting for ‘Romeo and Juliet’. We checked into our hotel [they just keep getting worse! Can’t take the smoke smell in our non-smoking rooms, and these beds are the worst!], and then set off for a walk into town.

It was only a short distance into town [this is one of the few redeeming qualities of the hotel; the staff was friendly/helpful, too]. We strolled past the touristy section of town where the restaurants take advantage of the great views and charge a cover to be able to eat there – and found a wine bar off of a side alley. The wines were well chosen varieties from the area and ranged from about 2-5 euro per glass…The man who owns the bar is experimenting with making his own microbrews, so the beer choices he offered, though not extensive, were great selections as well. He also offered us a lovely restaurant recommendation which was off the beaten path of the typical tourist places. This turned out to be a good little hole-in-the-wall choice with local food offerings (uh, my eldest son ordered horse meat…my apologies to all of my horse-loving friends. Please note I did NOT try it…even though he insisted it was delicious) and delectable desserts. And again, the prices were much more reasonable than if we had eaten at a typical tourist trap…

After dinner we waddled on back to the hotel. All this walking should hopefully ease the stress those extra calories are putting on our bodies!

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