The ‘starter’ of a new era…

I am attempting a sourdough bread starter yet again. Each time I learn something new…perhaps this time I will learn how to keep my starter alive and kicking! She still needs a name, but she is doing well after 4 days. I would have made it earlier, but organic grapes were not in season. Although my recipe states regular grapes can be used if washed well, I decided I wanted to go with organic. For the next 5 days she will sit undisturbed, hopefully developing into an aromatic, yeasty sourdough which I will soon use to bake all sorts of goodies: breads, waffles, pretzels…mmm, can’t wait!

So as I sit on the sidelines for the next several days as she matures, I will be contemplating her name and dreaming of the delectable feasts soon to come!

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