Mango Panna Cotta

I am not cooking this week. My downstairs AC unit has not been working since last week, and it is not due to be fixed until Friday…and with temps in the upper 90’s it is just too hot to heat up the kitchen any more than absolutely necessary. So tonight I took a little field trip to my local Whole Foods and let my boys pick their dinner from the pre-made section. I chose smoked chicken, cornbread, potato salad and cole slaw. And then I saw it….the dessert section. Usually I pass on this section, but today I felt drawn to the counter with the colorful layouts of individual cheesecakes, tiramisu, fruit-laden florentine cups, and finally the mango panna cotta (my choice).

I love a good panna cotta, and often choose this when it’s an option. Today’s panna cotta had a wonderful cookie-like crust and was topped with a gelatenous mango layer. The flavors mingled with one another to create a luxuriously creamy taste sensation. For anyone wondering what panna cotta is, in its most basic form it is a creamy Italian dessert made by heating cream with sugar and adding gelatin to help it set up. To this other flavors may be added, vanilla being a popular choice. I have had some wonderful panna cottas in my travels, and this one ranks right up there. Somehow the mango and cream combo just works for me. Of course, I also love mango with coconut rice as a dessert. Hmmm, I bet a coconut panna cotta with mango would taste divine. I will have to give that one a try and report on it at a later date. In the meantime I will savor the remainder of my dessert…Bon Appetit!

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