Happy Easter!

Just a few bites from our Easter Brunch this morning. I’ve been slow to get back to my posting, something I have been working through in my head. This past week I made the decision to post every day in April, no matter how short the post or how irrelevant the topic may seem to the blog. So here I am, posting – a bit late in the day mind you, yet posting nonetheless.

Our boys are not here with us this year, so we planned on spending the day just the two of us…not a bad thing mind you! However, I do miss the days when our kids were young and awoke Easter morning eager to find their baskets and hunt for eggs. Many happy memories from that time.

Good friends invited us to celebrate with them. I brought a salad to share, as well as the traditional Coconut Cake I make each year. The food was – as usual – amazing. Beef tenderloin and roasted vegetables were included in the feast.  For me the conversation and togetherness were the real icing on the cake. It was a beautiful day.

I hope that whatever your beliefs may be that you had a happy day spent with loved ones. I wish that for all of you, every day.



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