Going Vegetarian…Is this ‘The Answer’???

I am considering the concept of vegetarianism…at least when eating out. Well, maybe that is a bit extreme, but my body has gotten used to grass-fed beef and free-range chicken. Tonight I had an appetizer with pork at a nearby restaurant, and as a result my stomach is not very happy. Same thing happened last week with a local restaurant I used to haunt on a weekly basis…they closed down to remodel for a couple of months, and when they re-opened they had changed the supplier of their chicken. I recognized the difference with my first bite. How disappointing!! This had been my back-up on nights when I was short on time and/or energy.

For me eating is as much a spiritual experience as it is a nourishing one. I relish ‘the perfect bite’. I take great pleasure in feeding my family and friends and making sure the food I provide is not only full of flavor but also rich with the nourishment that helps our bodies flourish. I know…sappy…but it’s how I feel. Which is why getting sub-par meals is so disappointing to me.

I have noticed that, gradually, more restaurants are becoming conscious of what foods they provide to their customers. A new place recently opened in my town – The Grazing Cow – which offers grass-fed beef hamburgers and hot dogs from the same place I order my beef. I have not eaten there myself but have heard wonderful things about it. When I finally get there I will make sure to report back…We recently traveled to Virginia and went to Big Bowl. They use all local produce, free-range chicken, pork from sustainable farms and beef that is hormone/anti-biotic free. Their beef is not grass-fed, but perhaps that will come in the future. The food was delicious! I think that as more people discover how good ‘real’ food tastes the switch from processed foods will be a bit easier. I pray this time is only right around the corner!

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