Evolution happens all around us. It is in everything; it is everywhere.

I have had my own transformations over the decades of my life, especially in the past two years. Cleansed Palate is no exception to the evolution process. For the past few years I have been struggling with this blog. My writing has stalled, and I’ve had trouble figuring out how to make it come together on the site as well as it does in my mind. I have brainstormed and written and made all sorts of lists in this process called Evolution. Yet I have been unsuccessful.

So what has been the issue? What was “wrong” with Cleansed Palate as it already was?

Nothing, really. I could have just kept it going, aimlessly, continuing with it as just an average food blog. However, that was not resonating with me. Food is my life’s passion. I am a food geek. Anyone who knows me gets that in about five seconds.

But I also love to travel, to meet new souls in my journeys, to renew relationships with old souls. I love history and spirituality. I don’t even mind the [occasional] round of political discussions. And I want to write about it all.

So how could I tie all of this together? And could I do that under the Cleansed Palate name, making it into one cohesive blog?

I love the name, and there has been something just under the surface telling me that it really does all tie together. Ah, but “HOW?” I kept asking myself…How, indeed…

So now let me digress a tad. I have recently been participating in a memoir-writing workshop. It is four classes and made up of some absolutely amazing souls on a similar writing path as my own. Despite the fact that it is a memoir class, I originally had no intention of writing about my life. Oddly enough, I was ‘tasked’ with writing my life story recently. I had postponed beginning. And then one day there appeared in my inbox an email for this Memoir Workshop.

The Universe had spoken.

So I signed up, and I have attended the first two classes so far…two more to go. And it has really jump-started my writing. I have written more in the past few weeks than I have in the past 3 years. I think I have only missed one day of writing since I began. I am amazed at this sudden transformation.

Let’s now fast forward to this past Friday when I had a session with my writing coach (First of all: WooHoo!! I have a writing coach!!!). We spent much of the session discussing Cleansed Palate and how I could make it work for me. At the end of the session I had committed to writing this post, by today. And so here I sit, writing this post.

On Saturday I woke early, lying in bed pondering why in the world I could not sleep (seriously, why can others seemingly lounge in bed on a weekend morning so readily??) when, suddenly, an amazing thought popped into my head, “Cleansed Palate IS my memoir”!!!

What an incredibly perfect name for the memoir of a food writer. I can incorporate all of my passions in one place: food, spirituality, recipes, travel…etc, etc.

And I fully intend to do just that…thank you, Universe. You have spoken, and I have listened.

Stay tuned for more tales from the memoir of this foodie…

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