Evolution – it’s making me change (my experiment)!

The experiment is evolving. Due to teenagers – I mean circumstances – beyond my control I am going to track my dinner expenses only. Certainly I can keep within the $5/per person/per day limit if only dinner is taken into consideration. Actually, I know that over time (as I build up reserves of my main staples) I can keep within that limit for the entire day. However, I have one person in my house convinced he is not getting the same amount of food as he was prior to the experiment, and I am now taking breakfast and lunch out of the equation to keep the peace, or at least try to regain it. Even adding a little extra to the budget to make sure lunch is hearty will keep me well below what I had been spending each month. Dinner was the meal I had been spending the most on. I refuse to give up now that I am halfway through.

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