Wow, the days are flying by at warp speed! I cannot believe Easter has come and gone. Growing up, I remember having either turkey or ham (canned of course!) for Easter Dinner. We hunted for Easter eggs first thing in the morning, and spent the day eating from our baskets, which were filled with all sorts of candy: jellybeans, chocolate bunnies, malted milk balls, and – of course – marshmallow peeps…I think our sugar high probably lasted for at least a week. Looking back, it makes complete sense that we had Spring Break the week after Easter. Can you imagine the teachers having to deal with a classroom full of students coming down from a sugar high? My kids have always had Spring Break prior to Easter…bad idea for the teachers, fabulous idea for parents!!!

Fast forward to present day: I have changed up our Easter dinner. I love traditions, all sorts of traditions, and one year I researched how others celebrate Easter. I came across many feasts featuring lamb as the meat of choice. I had not ever cooked lamb, and being ever curious I sought out information on how it should be prepared, traditional Easter recipes and dishes to serve with it. I ended up serving more of a Mediterranean-type feast: Leg of lamb roasted with garlic and herbs; roasted potatoes with onions and peppers, Greek salad (admittedly American-style Greek salad which includes lettuce); hummus and tzitziki with pita.

So leg of lamb it was for many years. My husband does not prefer lamb, but he has tolerated it over the years for this one day…I have since switched to rack of lamb, which is not as gamey as leg of lamb and therefore, a little easier for my husband to ‘digest’. This year we had a domestic rack of lamb which was 100% grass-fed. Delicious! And the entire meal was finished off with our traditional coconut cake for dessert.

Oh, and by the way, the new dishwasher did FABULOUS with the clean-up!! 😉

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