Day 3: Food Experiment

As I sit here, blog-blog-blogging away, there is the wonderful aroma of breaded pork chops baking in the oven, and my whole wheat-pasta is bubbling away on the stove. I have my broccoli ready to cook – with dried cranberries to be mixed in (leftover dried fruit from what I bought for my son’s lunch…). I’m not sure what to expect taste-wise with the broccoli/cranberry mix, but the green bean/raisin combo turned out delicious yesterday. And again I lament the lack of lemon, but I must work with what I have…and now that I think of it, I may just mix the broccoli and cranberries in with the pasta so the pasta isn’t quite so bland…

Later: Dinner was ready within 35 minutes, including clean-up on anything that did not go into the dishwasher (so take that Rachel Ray!!). And the dishwasher stuff…well, isn’t that what kids are for??? 😉

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