Chipotle Powder – heating things up in the kitchen!

There is something about chipotle powder that is magical to me. It has that combination of smoke and heat and spice that makes me want to dust it on practically everything. I am addicted…I sprinkle it in mashed sweet potatoes, ranch-style black beans and my homemade tortilla soup. It goes on my smoked ribs. It goes in my chili. If I think it will enhance a dish, it goes in…I even use it on ice-cream. One of my favorite flavor combinations is vanilla ice-cream with a drizzle of honey, sliced peaches – perfectly ripe of course, chopped pecans and an ever-so-slight touch of chipotle powder. The first bite yields the cold yet creamy taste of the vanilla ice-cream married with a sweet kiss of honey, soon followed by the juicy peaches and crunch of pecans…and at the very end you get a touch of heat on the back of your palate from the chipotle…Divine! If honey is the nectar of the gods then surely chipotle powder is the indulgence of the devil himself! Heaven and Hell join forces, creating this one beautiful pièce de résistance.

Life is way too short not to spice things up a bit…I dare you to give it a try!!

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