Beef Short Ribs

I am extremely happy with the beef short ribs I made tonight. I ordered them from Burgundy Pasture Beef and was able to get the slab-style ribs normally reserved for restaurants. They happened to have extras the day I ordered….Hooray for me!! They were phenomenal!!

I braised them as I usually do – in a porter ale (I used a Kona Pipeline Porter, which I also drank with my meal) – and finished with a maple-horseradish glaze. I drizzled the reduced juices over creamy golden mashed potatoes, and served a salad made up of heirloom lettuces, roasted beets, cucumber, radishes and shavings of Parmesano-Reggiano – topped with a homemade mustard-maple dressing.

I think I have mentioned Burgundy Pasture Beef in a prior post. I first ordered from them in January. The quality of their meats has been incredible! They raise 100% grass fed cattle and even process their own meats. Lamb, Pork and Poultry are also processed there, brought in from sustainable nearby farms. The lamb I made on Monday was delivered from Burgundy Beef, and it was the best lamb I have had the pleasure to serve to my family. So far I have tried pork chops, ground pork sausage, lean hamburger, lamb and short ribs. The sausage had a bit more fat than I am used to, so I may stick with the Whole Foods mild Italian, but since I have extra I will certainly give it another chance. In my freezer there are more meats to sample, including a couple of roasts, some tri-tip, tenderloin tails, and a whole chicken. I look forward to each and every future bite!

Burgundy Pasture Beef offers tours from time to time, and I would love to get a group together to visit and witness first-hand a sustainable farm in action. They have a boucherie on site where their meats can be bought in person. They even offer hamburgers made-to-order from their own grass fed beef! I have a feeling the long drive down there will be well worth the effort.

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