A Super Bowl Dessert Throwdown: Bananas Foster vs Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie!

So here’s the deal: We are going to a Superbowl party on Sunday (The Saints vs. The Colts) and I am bringing dessert. I originally planned to bring something easy to eat, something which does not require anything fancier than one’s own two hands – and perhaps a napkin. But then I thought, “What desserts are associated with these two areas?” Well, you know me – Google Goddess – I did a little research. As you might well expect, it was MUCH easier to find desserts for which New Orleans is known. And, surprise, surprise – Bananas Foster popped up everywhere. Not such an easy dessert to bring to a party, but I’m looking into it…

Indiana has proven to be a tad more challenging. While known more for farming and corn and livestock, Indiana doesn’t actually have a ‘state food’ as do many other states. (I did, however, come across an interesting tradition they have of spooning chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes…and to someone who has yet to eat breakfast that sounds mighty good! Aaaahhh, but I digress…) I delved deeper into the history of Indiana food traditions and eventually came across a dessert called “Sugar Cream Pie”. Actually, it is a well-known dessert in Indiana. So…I figure a pie is pretty easy to transport, and since the only other Indiana dessert I came across was Persimmon Pudding, I zeroed in on the pie. Upon perusing the various recipes I came across, I eventually homed in on one for “Hoosier Sugar Cream Pie”. This incorporates a mixture of both granulated and brown sugars, heavy cream, a little flour, and a touch of vanilla. After mixing it is poured into a pre-baked pie shell and baked for about 40 minutes. How can a pie go wrong with sugar and cream as the main ingredients??? This pie sounds simple and delicious, and I am eagerly anticipating my first bite of this pie!!!

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