Happy Mother’s Day!!

I had a beautiful day filled with lots of attention from my boys…and lots of food. My day began with breakfast in bed. I am the first to admit I am not a fan of eating in bed; however, many of my favorite Mother’s Day memories revolve around breakfast in bed. The one that stands out most is how when my boys were really little they always brought me breakfast, and then they proceeded to hop in bed with me and eat most of it. It was so darned cute (and admittedly, given my ‘slight’ OCD tendencies, actually appreciated)!!! So while any other day of the year I will decline breakfast in bed, Mother’s Day is the one day I will not. Today’s breakfast followed the same trend as many others since my boys achieved teenage status: I woke up and waited….and waited….and waited….not allowed to come out of the room until breakfast was served. Fortunately I have a TV in the room, so I alternated between watching cooking shows and working on my crossword puzzles…not a bad way to spend a Sunday morning. Eventually my boys approached with a breakfast of eggs, toast and coffee (and gifts!!). It was a great morning…I am a lucky mama!!

From there we moved on to a late lunch at Stephen Pyles. Lunch consisted of a three-course meal. I began with a salad of avocado mousse and balsamic mascerated strawberries. I thought the flavor combinations were slightly questionable; however, it was just odd enough – and this was Stephen Pyles after all – that I had to give it a try…and it was absolutely delicious! The avocado mousse was flavored with horseradish and served on a slice of mozzerella cheese. This was served next to the mascerated strawberries and a small mound of dressed ‘freckled’ lettuce. I was in heaven, and this was only the first course! My husband opted for the bread basket, which had a selection of several muffins, scones, etc. My boys both opted for the scallop appetizer…also wonderful.

The second course was equally delicious. I chose the chicken-fried beef short ribs, which was served with a mashed sweet potato hash and green beans. It was a tough decision between that and the beef tenderloin enchilladas, but my husband and older son ordered that dish, so I was able to experience the best of both.

Dessert was the only semi disappointment. We had a late reservation, and by the time we got to dessert only two choices remained: the renouned ‘Heaven and Hell’ cake, which has followed Chef Pyles through several restaurants, and a chocolate dessert that was described as more fudge-like. Three of us opted for the Heaven and Hell cake (devil’s food and angel food cakes layered with peanut butter mousse and covered in a chocolate ganache); the fourth ordered a fruit bowl, so none of us sampled the other chocolate option.

Finally, we had a late dinner at Roy’s. Did I mention my boys took great care of me?? I really was not hungry at this point; however, I managed to eat their Beet Salad (delicious!), choke down a Hawaiian Martini and roll myself out to the car. 🙂

All in all, a very successful day and, as stated earlier, I am one lucky mom! To all of you mothers out there: Happy Mother’s Day!