Fruitcake Season Has Arrived!

Emeril’s Creole Christmas Fruitcake

The scene: Playing in the background is my favorite Christmas music compilation with “Merry Christmas, Baby” specifically being belted out at the moment (an amazing rendition sung by me and B.B. King); Soon-to-be-in-my-oven: a dozen individual fruitcakes!

December has arrived!

Welcome to the holiday season and all the stress, anxiety, eating, and fun that comes with it! Once you throw in a spritz of Cousin Joe’s dysfunctional family you are now ready to set up your January therapy appointments!!

This is the time of year I often pass along home-baked goodies to my friends and family. Some of my favorite handouts Continue reading

‘Wrapping up’ Christmas….

This has been a great week for reconnecting with family and friends. I have enjoyed the time spent with parents, in-laws, extended family, and friends. I am grateful that I recovered so quickly from being sick, and just in time for Christmas, too! We have traveled all over the area – DC, DE, PA…we head back from DC to TX on Thursday (New Year’s Eve) in time to bring in the new year with friends. I look forward to a bit of peace and serenity once the holidays have passed. This has been the busiest season I have ever had with Thanksgiving (and those 11 pies!), London, being sick, and finally travel to DE/PA to visit family.

I (had) lost that Christmas spirit…but it’s back!

Well, it has been a rough week or so. After all of the hustle and bustle associated with Thanksgiving, London, and Christmas preparations my body finally gave in to it all and forced me to slow down. I am feeling much better as of this morning and have regained my Christmas cheer along with my health!!! I have baked no cookies, and my annual homemade eggnog had to fall by the wayside this year to allow for my body to heal…I am hopeful that I can make up for this before the season ends…